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Operator Alarm Rationalization and Alarm Management from multi-Dimensional Geometry

Geometric Process Control (GPC) uncovers the previously unrecognized but fundamental 3-way relationship between Business and Operating Objectives, Operating Windows / Envelopes and Process Capability. It explains the real role of Operator Alarms and their purpose in this framework which leads to a new understanding of Alarm Floods and clearer expectations of what is required from process control. 

GPC is implemented using the unique and highly multi-variable visual capabilities of our CVE product which also delivers wholly visual process analysis across single and multiple process units without requiring maths beyond high-school level or deep knowledge of statistical methods.

The webinar commences with rationalization without the large, tedious, multi-person meetings of the past except for reviews such as those necessary to support roll-out. There will be immediate cost savings in the execution of rationalization projects and on-going operating cost reductions as the new, much better and consistent alarm limits, positively assist the operator to operate better and reduce variability.

The webinar moves onto Alarm Maintenance for those in Operations who may not have had a large role in Rationalization but are extremely important for maintaining the alarm system at its best performance using the multi-variable methods of CVE.

CVE can seem a disruptive technology to those who have not had a few hours of exposure to its novel graphs and is best treated as such with education not only for users but for the many others who may see the occasional CVE graph, perhaps in passing in a report. The CVE graph can show hundreds or even thousands of variables in a single graph which looks very different to any other graph that most people will have encountered previously but is actually very simple to understand and use after a few minutes of explanation of its principles.

Alarm Floods and their causes are addressed as well as the current approach towards a solution based upon the real-time geometric models of Operating Envelopes generated by the companion CPM product. In the short-term pragmatic solutions for rapid relief of frequently occurring floods is available now.

Dr Robin Brooks founded PPCL in 1994 as a chemical engineering technology company dedicated to finding solutions to long-standing process problems.

First presented on 12 & 13 June 2023.

Presenter: Dr Robin Brooks