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Geometric Process Control Applications in (Semi-)Batch Processes

Batch, semi-batch, cyclic, and other time-dependent processes are common in the process industries. This webinar focuses on analysis, optimization, alarms, and event prediction using the same geometry-based Operating Envelope technology we use for continuous processes. The difference is that these processes have a series of operating envelopes covering the multiple phases or steps of operation.

We’ll show examples of analyzing multi-stage, multi-phase processes, linking operating conditions with eventual outcomes and modeling these as series of individual operating envelopes providing a multi-dimensional space (range) of trajectories. These form a natural extension of the techniques we show for continuous processes, and can be used for generating process understanding, alarm rationalization, and early event prediction. Event prediction takes new importance in batch processes, as it can identify cases where quality may fail much earlier in the process, allowing the opportunity for correction.

Even nominally continuous processes benefit from this approach as transient operation modes, such as grade transitions, startup, shutdown, and even gradual catalyst deactivation can be modelled in the same framework, without maths, statistics, etc but delivers on the MSPC challenges posed, but not satisfactorily solved, by Statistics.

This webinar will be of interest to everyone interested in improving multi-mode or multi-phase processes including those with continuous processes interested in automating start-up and/or shut-down operations.

First presented on: 26th & 27th April, 2023.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD