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Reduce Process Energy: You Already have the Data

High and volatile energy prices have put the focus on reducing your plant energy expenditure. How can this be done quickly without time-consuming and expensive modelling or extensive data collection?

PPCL’s novel data visualization software is the answer. Using data already present in your historian, engineers can question, discover information and test hypotheses. The keys to minimizing energy usage may already be present, just needing the right techniques to find them. In this webinar we show you how to quickly find these operational changes for improving your energy profile. Implementing these findings with operations can have immediate and significant benefits.


In this one-hour webinar we show you how to do all these things visually and understandably without heavy mathematics. It is quick to find answers and easy for everyone to understand. The sooner the answers are put into practice, the sooner the energy reduction benefits begin.

First presented on: 18 January 2023

Presenter: Alan W. Mahoney, PhD