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A Digital Twin For Process Operations

The benefits of digital twin models for process operation include better operation, reduced downtime, more timely and accurate process correction, as well as process understanding and prediction of the effect of operation. Geometric Process Control digital twin models for process operation outperform other models on benchmark systems. 

Digital twins are an emerging technology that brings together mature existing technologies of data capture and modelling, with key additions of dynamic updates and a consistent framework that delivers much more of the potential value of physics- and data-based modelling, explicitly recognizing the updating of models over the lifetime of an asset and often leveraging multiple parallel models covering different applications.

A process operation digital twin includes a real-time model of the process as it normally runs beside the actual process (physical twin), receiving the same inputs, so that comparing the results in detection and prediction of process changes due to poor operation, poor control, equipment degradation or equipment failure before a human operator.

Watch this webinar and see performance in real-world applications and the simplicity of building GPC operating envelope based digital twin models for yourself.

First presented on: 19th & 20th January, 2022.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD