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Operating Envelopes for Batch, Semi-batch, Grade Transitions, Cyclic Operation, Startup, and other Time Dependent Processes

Operating envelopes are fairly straightforward to understand in the context of fully-developed, steady-state processes, but often the processes we’re dealing with aren’t that simple. Time dependent variation in batch, semi-batch, product transitions and many other complications require multiple operating envelopes with movement between them, or even fully time-varying envelopes.

This webinar shows the application to these time-dependent processes. Dramatic reduction of quality variability and improvement of cycle times for batch processes, product/grade transitions and plant start-up can be achieved by finding the best historic operating envelope, identifying the processing stages and targeting the key variables that drive process differences.

Smarter processing is within your reach! Watch this webinar and let us show you how.

First presented on: 14th & 15th July, 2021.

Presenter: Robin Brooks PhD