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The Best Early-Warning System for Process Plants is Based on Geometry

PPCL’s geometric models of Operating Envelopes make astonishingly sensitive detectors of multi-variable relationships beginning to alter long, long before the fault they are detecting becomes big enough to be recognizable to a human being. 

In a process plant this is very significant because the last thing you want is a panic response because your plant has unexpectedly tripped and you, as the maintenance manager or superintendent have to respond by pulling people off other jobs and hoping you have a spare while production are telling you horrendous numbers for what the stoppage is costing the company every hour. And tomorrow the same people will be asking why you weren’t better prepared!

Early Warning of developing faults is essential because it buys you time to be prepared and schedule the work avoiding the downtime or putting it into an already-planned routine maintenance shutdown.

And it will detect operating ‘faults’ too which are the ones that can be corrected by the Operator altering setpoints such as getting too close to the surge line of a compressor or a column starting to flood.

In this webinar you will see how you and your engineers can build multi-variable process models without any maths or equations and without specialist mathematics using just your process understanding.  You won’t need expensive consultants either.

The built-models are complete with Operator Display and OPC Client connectors to connect to your DCS or even to your process historian which is very useful for testing and confidence building. Experienced users tell us they can develop and commission a new model on the plant in just a few hours. It really is that easy and you will understand how when you see us demonstrating in the webinar.

First presented on: 12th and 13th October 2022.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD