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The Science Linking
Operational Excellence and Operating Envelopes

A key part of Operational Excellence is linking operations, leading KPIs, lagging KPIs, and business strategy achievement. These are not independent, but the goals and targets are often formulated as though they were! Attempts to achieve contradictory or meaningless targets are doomed to failure before starting, and will have long-term impacts on the business culture and future implementation.

Do the plant or the organisationally-distant people setting the objectives even know in advance whether the whole set of objectives have ever been achieved at the same time? And, whether they have or haven’t, which objectives and/or process variable were the biggest obstacles? Or what Operating Limits were used that time? Our users can answer those questions in minutes – even if you have 20 years of history data – and so can you.

We have been using operating envelopes to target operations to achieving KPIs across the process industries for over 25 years. These same techniques, approaches and tools can be used on the full OpEx process, finding the operating envelopes and operating conditions corresponding to existing or proposed KPI targets, and evaluating these for consistency. Further, operational targets can be constructed to improve KPI and business achievement!

This webinar has demonstrations of a full feed-to-product operating envelope, showing how suitable KPI targets can be identified, baseline performance measured, and inconsistencies resolved before implementation. The earlier in the OpEx process that this is done, the better the acceptance and success of the process.

First presented on: 18 and 19 May 2022.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD