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Minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Use with GPC

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Webinar Replay: 2024-04-24 Energy Emissions

Do you know your distillation columns operate at minimum reflux all the time? Or that your heaters always operate with minimum excess air? If you can’t, you are burning more fuel and dollar bills and generating more CO2 than is necessary.

So Stop it!

Process control can control the reflux ratio and the excess oxygen, but do you know the optimal set points or guess and add on extra safety margins ‘just in case’?

The fundamental problem is that process variables in a process all interact which makes traditional calculation methods difficult to use.

We have invented an easy-to-use entirely visual method based on geometry rather than algebra needing very little user mathematics that can pluck the correct values out of the large amounts of data held in your process history database in a few minutes. It will give you the correct values and calculate how many dollar bills you don’t need to be spending. Come and see for yourself!

First presented on: 24th & 25th April, 2024.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD