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Operational Process Improvement: You Already have the Data

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Webinar Replay: Operational Process Improvement: You Already have the Data

You already have the data for enormous potential in improving plant operation through making operational changes to capture, repeat, and improve best historic operation. Understanding your process behavior is key to unlocking benefits such as higher throughput, better product, lowest costs, less waste, and more uptime.

This webinar will show you visual tools that engineering and operations can use to extract and exploit the wealth of information available.

An Operating Envelope is the relationship between variables that gives the best achievement of one or more objectives such as yield, throughput, quality, KPI attainment, cost, or a combination. This can be very complex when multiple optima exist, and until now, very difficult to see with more than a handful of variables.

We will demonstrate a straightforward visual method of quickly finding consistent limits for operating windows that capture desired performance for many variables at once. This can be repeated for different objectives so that conflicts between different target operations can be seen before they are implemented. You can even see how that newly proposed KPI and its limits will perform and whether the operating window is sufficient to achieve the required targets.

First presented on: 16th & 17th September, 2020.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD