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Delivering Operational Excellence:
Operating Envelopes to link Operations and Achievement

In this webinar we will demonstrate a full feed-to-product operating envelope, evaluating potential KPI targets with baseline performance, resolving inconsistencies, and finding appropriate leading KPIs. Performing this earlier in the OpEx process can avoid wasted effort and build confidence in the process, increasing acceptance and likelihood of success.

By bringing Operating Envelopes into the Operational Excellence (OpEx) framework, we provide tools that can finally evaluate whether KPIs are consistent, and whether achieving leading KPIs will drive the ultimate business goals. We can go a step further and identify the operation that needs to be captured and repeated to achieve these, delivering benefits earlier.

PPCL has been developing techniques for visualizing and evaluating operating envelopes for over 25 years. These are typically used to link operations and KPI achievement within individual pieces of equipment or process units, but the same techniques can be applied to larger systems, using process history and calculated KPIs to model the entire business process, evaluating existing or proposed KPI targets for consistency and achievability, as well as providing operational targets that will drive business achievement.

First presented on 17 & 18 May 2023.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD