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The Correct Operating Envelope for Every Mode, Grade and Phase Improves Process Operations

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Webinar Replay: 2024-02-21 Multi-mode

Even continuous processes are operated in different ways from time to time. You might be running flat-out to fill a tanker with product and avoid demurrage and next day you are operating at 60% throughput because of market conditions or even performing catalyst regeneration. All of these are Modes and Geometric Process Control (GPC) can generate best operating envelopes for each of them with less effort than you might expect. Batch processes likewise have Phases, a sequence of different ways to operate. In GPC, Modes and Phases are similar and each Phase corresponds to an Operating Envelope just as much as each Mode does. Many processes, especially in polymers, have multiple grades, where each Grade and each Transition from one grade to another has a unique Operating Envelope for the best operation. GPC generates Operating Envelopes just as easily for each Grade and Transition as for Modes and Phases. It’s the breakthrough multi-step processes have wanted for years! No mathematics needed, just good understanding of the process and operating practice.

First presented on: 21st & 22nd February, 2024.

Presenter: Alan Mahoney PhD