New Rental Pricing, Purchase Price Increases, and Development CPM Included with CVE Licenses

We regret to have to raise the purchase price of our CVE product by approximately 9% due to inflation. This is the first price increase for CVE in many years and will apply from 1 February 2023. TAP subscriptions will be affected at next renewal. The rise may be avoided if a renewal is processed before 1 February.

Customers with TAP subscriptions for 5 or more CVE licenses may receive a complimentary CPM Development License. These licenses are valid only while TAP is maintained.

The purpose of this added TAP Benefit is to allow our customers to develop familiarity with this wholly new class of highly multi-variable ML process models. No mathematics skills are needed to build and run the models. Several webinars available on the PPCL website illustrate the creation, testing and evaluation of CPM Operating Envelope models for batch and continuous processes and for very early fault detection/prediction applications.

Development CPM licenses are not to be used for production purposes but are otherwise fully functional. Models can still be tested and evaluated using files of recent data extracted from your process historian or over a time-limited OPC connection.

The price of CVE and CPM has meant in many companies that they are a CAPEX purchase necessitating capital budget. Several customers have pointed out that they also have Operational Expenditure Budgets with local approval for non-capital items and have asked for alternative pricing.  We are pleased to meet these needs with the new OpEx pricing scheme.

The OpEx scheme is a leasing scheme for CVE and CPM and provides a fixed-term lease with a monthly rental fee. An optional initial payment can reduce the monthly rental.  The monthly rental includes the desired number of licences (minimum 5 for CVE), all TAP Subscriptions and our popular remote access Training Class every year to ensure training particularly of new recruits joining during a year as well as the new TAP offer of a no-charge CPM Development license. The cost of CVE access is reduced to a low monthly price per user. Because CVE and CPM run locally it is not necessary to move data into the cloud.

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